penis health

Man’s most precious and only penis

[I came across this writing and thought it was rather dramatic but highlighted the importance and centrality of the penis to manhood very well. ]

We have a penis. Our penis is precious, rare, and immensely important to each of us because it is the engine house of our sexual energy and penis power.

If allowed to be, our penis is a fountain of pleasure, empowerment and self-confidence.

Our penis, genitals, sex organ is our warm wet musty potent centre of gravity, centre of our being. As we exit boyhood we proudly inherit our full bodily manhood – hairy, leaky, spurty, radiating, rolling, pusling, sweet feeling rising, primal. Our penis is the only possession with which we are born. But instead of celebrating it every moment of our life, all of our penises have instead been repressed for hundreds of years. Darkness leads millions of boys and men blindly into shame and self-doubt, called penis weakness. These feelings prevent us from acting freely and deny us a pathway to becoming superpotent men.

In this unconscious state, it is impossible for boys to listen, contemplate, and meditate in a way that integrates their centre, their most powerful energy of all, their Penis Power into a positive adult male identity.

We can explore manhood by staking out greater sexual freedom, exercising our capacity to walk a conscious path, and penis-centred contemplation. Doing this we build penis power, and this is what makes penis precious.

We practice penis power by expressing our life force through activities like naturism and mindful masturbation.

Strengthen your penis. Do it in service to your penis and to a greater sense of manhood.

Although there are many men with penises in the World, each one of us has only one penis. One man may own many cars and houses, but even the richest man in the World cannot change the penis or genitals they have. When we feel unsatisfied with what we have; we cannot buy, borrow, or manufacture another. If we insist on feeling unsatisfied, it will be very difficult to be superpotent in the future. So for each of us, our penis is rare.

As the source of penis power leading to superpotency, our penis is immensely meaningful. The fully superpotent man has actualised the full potential of his whole self. He has progressed from being a member of the animal kingdom – free but ordinary and ignorant – into the highest man of all, the king of all male beings. When we achieve this, we shall have the power to benefit all living males, and once joined by enlightened human females, all beings without exception. Thus, through our penis we gain superpotent realizations which equip us to tackle the challenges we face as men. the toxic weakness of suppressed emotion, sexual assault, and violence while we also fulfill our own and others’ wishes.

What could be more meaningful or more precious than this?


By The East Asian Dude

Men Health Campaigner

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